3 Brief Movie Reviews

Captain Fantastic-I saw the trailer this summer and wanted to see the motion picture. It was scheduled to play at a local film fest, so TV Stevie and I went. Except the fest was running dreadfully off schedule. We waited an hour and the auditorium doors still hadn’t opened from the previous movie, so we left. I eventually took it out of the library.

I am fascinated by people who live off the grid. I thought this movie would be…more. Loved parts of it. Was appalled at other parts. And the ending disappointed. Two librarians told me it was a good movie, but the ending lacked…more. And they were right.

Cafe Society-I let TV Stevie talk me into watching this one, even tho’ morally we should be boycotting Woody Allen.

I usually like Jesse Eisenberg.  Out of 96 minutes of motion picture, I remember one scene. One. Shortly after the main character arrives in Hollywood, he tries to hire a hooker.  Jesse Eisenberg plays Woody Allen playing Alvy Singer in Annie Hall (who my husband tells me is Woody Allen) and Candy the Hooker is none other than Anna Camp, best known (to me) as the preacher’s slutty wife in True Blood. (Yes, I know, she was in the Perfect Pitch movies, too, but I know her best from True Blood.)

Hell or High WaterAnother flick I let TV Stevie talk me into watching.

Yes, it stars Chris Pine and Jeff Bridges, but even that could not redeem this movie. I thought I would hate the movie because the DVD package read as if it was a gratuitous violence film.  An action film, filled with special effects and lacking in plot.

It was not. It had a perfectly respectable plot. Jeff Bridges plays a Texas Ranger (romance hero fodder). The four main characters were fairly well-drawn.

Yet I couldn’t help but think if the same movie had been written about four women in the same situation it would not be as critically acclaimed or garnering the press this one is getting. I mean, look at how much the Ghostbusters female re-boot is being slammed. This movie is ‘important’ only because the characters are guys.

I put Thelma and Louise on my “must watch again” move list.

Defining a TV Icon

A celebrity of the past died recently. I heard him referred to as a “television icon.”

What? I looked him up. He was on TV for less than ten years. Sorry folks. That doesn’t make him an icon. I’m not saying he was a bad actor–I wouldn’t know. I’m not saying the program for which he is best known was bad–again, I wouldn’t know.

But I do know he was not an icon.

These people are television icons:

  • Bill Cosby (no matter how you feel about his alleged crimes, he’s still a TV icon. That can’t change)
  • Walter Cronkite
  • Dick Van Dyke
  • Mary Tyler Moore
  • Lucille Ball
  • Bob Newhart
  • Andy Griffith
  • Carroll O’Connor
  • Oprah
  • Betty White

These people are not:

  • Alan Thicke
  • nearly all of the cast of Friends
  • Alan Alda
  • Ted Danson
  • Kelsey Grammer
  • Jon Hamm
  • Bea Arthur
  • Anyone starting our in this millennium–they may be PENDING icons, but they’re not there yet.



Looking Back

I was leafing through an old note book and came across an exercise in which I was asked to describe my perfect work space.

Bare windows with blinds to close at night. Bare wooden floors. Pale apricot walls. A desk. A great chair.

Laptop computer.

Great audio system. A rocking chair in front of the windows.

I work there whenever I can. My dream schedule–work 7am to 3pm every day. No other people around.

How do I feel working here? Good. Productive. Fitting inside my skin.

Welcomed. I feel welcomed.

I guess it’s still a work in progress.

National Joy Germ Day

Today is National Joy Germ Day. It’s a day specially designated to spread joy. The day and the phrase Joy Germ is the brainchild of a woman named Joan White.

I have actually met and worked with Joan White. When I first started working in local TV, she had her own advertising agency—Joan of Art. In 1981, she came up with the concept of Joy Germs, renamed herself Joy Germ Joan and started infecting the world with a positive mindset. Today there are Joy Germs in every state, in Europe, and in Africa.

In 1981, I was a cynical, callow youth. I thought it was a ridiculous concept, although a couple of my colleagues at the TV station embraced the idea.

Ever wish you could go back in time for a do-over?

Happy Joy Germ Day! Try to infect everyone with whom you come into contact with happiness.