Goal Setting

I start thinking about my goals for the upcoming year in November. I always try to be realistic. The past couple of years, life has gobsmacked my goals–family crises, day job dilemmas, and so on. Nevertheless, I persist.

I thought I had my 2018 goals pretty much set. I’d printed them out for my annual goal-setting session with my critique group:

  • Finish writing two werewolf books
  • continue search for agent for dystopian women’s fiction novel.
  • critique at least once per month
  • 2 critique group writing retreats
  • minimum 2 Thistle Dew retreats
  • Active social media presence
  • RWA/local chapter
  • self publish cross genre novella

Do-able, right?

Well, the calendar had even flipped before life gobsmacked me again: one of my publishers is closing.

This could be awful, but the letter sent to the authors assured us that we will receive reversion of rights letters by June of 2018. This is a good thing. They are closing their doors, not going bankrupt, so the books they’ve published aren’t assets, the rights to which can be tied up in the courts for a long time.

But now I have decisions to make: do I want to self-publish these titles? Do I want to try to place them with another publisher? If you re-read my writing goal punch list, none of these scenarios are there.

At least I have choices. I have five already-edited books that will be 100% mine to do with what I will. That’s a good thing.


Am I a Space Alien?

One of my nephews has informed me I must be part space alien.  Why? Because I have green eyes.

Then there is the Rh Negative blood theory.

I’ve never had strep throat in my life. Nor do I bother with a flu shot because, hey, I don’t get the flu. TV Stevie gets the flu. His doc then puts ME on Tamiflu, but really, it’s not necessary.

Here’s the kicker: my nephew had my parents’ DNA analyzed. My mom is 6% uncertain. (So is my nephew.)

Therefore, I am a descendent of space aliens (according to the circumstantial evidence).

It could be worse.

Microwave Ovens

Yes, there really is such a thing as National Microwave Oven Day.  And yes, I am a spoiled American who is dependent on this appliance.

When TV Stevie and I were first married, I had a small, low wattage microwave oven. He had none. So we used my little one for nearly ten years. Then we bought a larger, more powerful one. The entire family was using it by the time we purchased the modern one.

My favorite part of a microwave oven is the timer. Back when I worked in TV and was writing promo, but before I had a stop watch, I would set the microwave timer to :29 (for :30 of copy) and read the spot aloud. Whatever works, right?

But like all appliances, it developed issues. We had to smack the door in a certain place to get it to start. The inside was starting to rust. My now-adult children refused to eat anything cooked in it.  Then one day, not even punching the door would start the machine. So I made list of my requirements and TV Stevie and I sallied forth into the world of Big Box Stores for a replacement.

There were two things about which I would not compromise: cubic feet and wattage. I was not going to go smaller, even though our family is smaller. (Have I mentioned spoiled American?) I still need a microwave in which a 9×13 pan can rotate. In addition to the cubic feet and wattage issues, we also had to purchase something that would fit in the hole the previous owner of our house had built.

We found what we wanted at the third Big Box Store.

National Roof Over Your Head Day

I am blessed. I have a roof over my head.

It leaks more often than it should, but I have one. For that, I am grateful.

Too many people in this country–this world–aren’t as blessed as I am.

Even though Thanksgiving was a couple of weeks ago, we shouldn’t limit our thankfulness to only one day. Little things add up to make a good life. Things like a roof over my head.



As if there isn’t already enough to do in the month of December.

December is National Write A Business Plan month. I think this ties in well with setting goals for the upcoming new year, too. On many levels,  it may be the same thing.

I’d like my author goals to be realistic and attainable. I never seem to pad for “life” events and get terribly behind in what I want to do to advance my career. The past two summers have been particularly difficult.

I anticipate putting my new planner to serious use.